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Have your special day coming up? We can capture your big day in beautiful video so you can keep and cherish the memories forever. We start with a consultation and a budget, going over everything you have planned for the day, and anything else you want to see and hear in the final videos. Once all that is done, you can leave it all to us and enjoy your day - we'll handle the rest.

Michael & Jessica Sambuchino | June 19th, 2021


Theresa & Ethan Walker | January 9th, 2021

Kasey & Paul Sitzler | October 10th, 2020

Who's filming your Wedding? | About Zach Kubiak & Alison Cooney

         Currently engaged ourselves, we both have been around cameras, photography, and videography for over 10 years, and because of that, we fully understand the importance of capturing every important moment that happens. Not only is it our mission to cover your day fully, it is also our passion to make it cinematic and beautiful so you can cherish the memories for the rest of your lives. 


Zach | Lead Videographer        
I began my journey in creative multi-media in 2009-2010, experimenting with Photoshop and Music production. From there, I've gone on to working with cameras, photography, music videos, and more. With all that experience under my belt, I've taken to Wedding videography and have made it my mission to give you the best possible wedding video, capturing all the emotions, all the fun, the smiles, embraces, the whole nine-yards. 

 Alison | Second Videographer        
While I'm in the medical field by trade, my father has been a photographer for a good portion of his life, so I've been around cameras, equipment, and know how to direct and pose you for specific formal shots and clips. I'll be running the cameras that capture everything in full, the wide-full shots of the ceremony, the dances, speeches, all the big events. Zach and I have such a blast filming weddings and love seeing all the happiness we can capture for you, and we hope we can capture yours for you to cherish forever.

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